16th May 2014

Learning on the job: Knowledge and practice at The National Stud

Stanislaw Jarworski, from Poland, is one of the international students on The National Stud's Diploma Course this year, and here are his thoughts on what he’s learned so far:

After 3 months of the Diploma Course at The National Stud, you can become convinced that you know the stud routine. You have absorbed a big dose of knowledge and think now every day will be the same - but nothing could be further from the truth!

Each morning is different at The National Stud and so is each afternoon. At the most unexpected time you can learn something new and get invaluable experience. Variety is what makes the course so attractive for me and other students. Rotating between the Stallion Unit, Foaling Unit, Stud Office and the different yards on the Stud allow students and tutors to recognise what suits each student best.

For me the most interesting place is the Stallion Unit, supervised by Paddy Meehan. I learned a lot from his experience and I very much enjoyed the calm and order of that yard. Working with Bahamian Bounty, Dick Turpin and Pastoral Pursuits allowed me to meet 3 different stallion personalities and learn how to handle each of them in relaxed and safe way.

One of the most memorable moments during the course was my first night shift in the Foaling Unit. I was lucky enough to deliver a colt by Frankel under the supervision of Brian O'Rourke. Brian's questions, which he asked me during the foaling, clarified to me the whole procedure and will stick in my memory for a long time.

For me, one of the most valuable moments during daily routine is the vet round because it allowed me to see the information gained on the evening lectures in practice. The amount of knowledge gained during a few months of the Diploma Course for me is incredible, and what is the most important that it is strongly supported by practice.