Tom Garner and Oscar Prairie on the set of Horsepower

07th September 2015

Making The Original Horsepower: the rider’s view

My name is Tom Garner and I am the jockey you see in The Original Horsepower film.

I know Nathan from Equine Productions well; we ride out together at Oliver Sherwood's where I am conditional jockey. When he approached me about this project, I was intrigued to see how they would go about it.

Oscar Prairie is an old friend too, I rode my first winner on him as a conditional jockey when I was at Warren Greatrex's yard.

I have done film shoots before but mostly riding with other horses and jockeys, so this was always going to be something different.

First job was to make sure that Oscar was happy with the Russian Arm before we had a our first shoot. The film is one continuous shot, but Oscar was our first priority and so we had a limited number of chances to capture what we wanted.

The real problem was not getting Oscar used to the Russian Arm, but getting him to trot - he is such a pro, he knows why he is on the gallops! I had to ask him to increase his speed slowly rather than going from a walk to a hack canter as he has done for the rest of his career.

Once he understood what we wanted, he relaxed and seemed to really enjoy it.

He didn't mind the 4x4 next to him, in fact he seemed to think it was a challenge, he was determined to beat it!