Frankel on Warren Hill

11th September 2013

Digital hoofbeats: my racing life

My name is Abi Sawyer and I am the Group Digital Manager for The Jockey Club. My role looks at all things digital from the web and social to digital monitoring.

I wanted to launch The Going because The Jockey Club has such amazing stories to tell and we needed a dedicated space to bring those stories to life. There is so much going on across the Group from the Training Grounds to the National Stud as well as the 15 racecourses.

I am fairly new to working in racing, but racing is all I have thought about since I was tiny. This was due to influence of my paternal grandfather who was an old style aficionado of the Turf and my maternal grandmother who in her youth had been a bookie's runner.

My earliest racing memory is seeing my parent's horse run. It must have been a particularly formative experience as I am told I was about 18 months old at the time and I can remember it as a clear as a bell. In the winners' enclosure afterwards I wanted to touch the horse, the horse wanted to bite me.

If that experience was my racing inspiration, my digital inspiration was reading Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The idea of a handheld device that allowed you to access information about wherever you were or what you needed to know blew my mind.

Ten years later I found myself working for Douglas at his tech start up. The only time I have had to pinch myself harder to make sure I wasn't dreaming, was watching Frankel work in the build up to the Sussex Stakes last year.

While this blog will never explain to you how incredibly important knowing where your towel is, although it is designed to work on a mobile device, I hope that it will bring to light some of the amazing people I work with and the work that The Jockey Club does.