Lewis Piper - Student Ambassador

20th April 2015

A day in the studio with Racing UK

Meet Lewis Piper, Exeter Racecourse’s official student ambassador 2014-2015. Lewis was awarded the role after successfully applying and throughout the season will undertake various work placements within the racing industry, organised by the racecourse.

We’ve created the position to give students with a passion for horse racing a leg up in the industry. In September, Lewis will be presented with an official certificate open completion of his work placements.

We are very grateful to all our work providers: Racing UK, Tom Malone Bloodstock, Racenews, Richard Linley (BHA Senior Course Inspector), David Pipe Racing, Nick Scholfield, PPAUK and BHEST.

Applications for Student Ambassador 2015-2016 will open in August. More details to follow soon.

 Lewis Piper 20.4.2015

For my next placement, Racing UK very kindly allowed me to spend a day with them at their studios in Ealing.  When we arrived, my Granddad and I were shown all around the studio where we were able to see the main studio, the main office and all of the control rooms in Racing UK’s section of Ealing studios.

For the rest of the day I spent all of my time at the studios in the control room with Racing UK’s producer and editing team. This room is where all of the live TV comes from and where they produce the edits that you see on your televisions. The main editor tried to teach me what all of the buttons did on the control panel but with hundreds of buttons controlling live TV, I was quite happy to keep well away from them!

While the racing was going on the editing team and the producer were able to produce edits for their later programme where they had Dave Orton and trainer Charlie Fellows in the studio. They also had to produce the racing replay programme as well during the day, so they had to record each race throughout the day and group each of them together along with the voice over of one of the commentators.

In the control room there was 30 different TV screens which allowed each editor to see exactly what they were all doing. I was also shown a brand new piece of technology that they had just purchased which cost £250,000 and enables the editing team to highlight each horse that the analysis team want to talk about. The editors are fully briefed each morning having received a list of horses the analysis team want to talk about for each race and it is their job to produce the fancy productions that we can see on our televisions.

I would like to thank everybody at Racing UK for allowing me to spend the time with them at their studios and I had a great time whilst learning a lot about TV production.