Horses jumping a fence

30th January 2015

Student Ambassador Lewis Piper – a day behind the scenes

As part of my ambassador’s role at Exeter Racecourse, I will be given numerous different tasks at race meetings to learn  about the many different aspects of raceday.

On New Year’s Day I was tasked with sending out all the Tweets on the @ExeterRaces Twitter handle.

I worked closely  with Phil Mingo of PPAUK, the racecourse’s official  photographer. We wanted to Tweet images of presentations, winners and sponsors, so by working with Phil, I was able to upload images onto Exeter’s Twitter feed within minutes of them being taken.

I was taught the basics of Photoshop which meant I was able to edit images.

It was an interesting process and by giving plenty of mentions to those involved, including the winning trainers and jockeys, we had a lot of re-tweets which is invaluable when building up followers.

Exeter’s account currently stands at just over 9,700. Fingers crossed by the time I am on Tweeting duty again on February 8 we will have passed the 10,000 mark!

Phil also provides hard copy images after each race of the sponsors presenting the prize and of the winning horse with all his connections. Everything is printed off and ready by the time the winning connections are enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne.

It was great fun working with Phil and interesting to see how important Tweeting is as part of Exeter’s PR.